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At the addresses below you will find books with an orthodox religious character at:

  1. Editura Evanghelismos
  2. Carti Ortodoxe

For believers, we have scanned several materials that are in PDF format and can be saved on the personal computer by pressing the right mouse button and then selecting save as and selecting the local directory of the computer.

  1. Indreptar de spovedanie [11 MB]
  2. Mersul la Biserica [7 MB]
  3. Pocainta [6 MB]
  4. Bolile [13 MB]
  5. Purtarea Crucii [6 MB]
  6. Talcuirea Sfintei Liturghii [8 MB]
  7. Sfinta Impartasanie [13 MB]
We recommend, in particular, the site of the largest Romanian monastic Skiti in Holy Athos Mountain: www.marturieathonita.ro, where you will find a large number of spiritual books, conferences, films, jobs, as well as a special selection. of Romanian psaltic music, in its original form.

Free Romanian Orthodox Church Baden

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