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Short History40 years of the Baden Church

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The birth of an Orthodox church is not an act similar to the establishment of an institution or a cultural center, it is the blessing of the Holy Spirit in God's plan of the world salvation. Moreover, the specific historical conditions in which the Orthodox Church was born in Baden, the distanceof the native places and the opposition to the communist and bolshevik system, created a disponibility of sacrifice and identification with Orthodoxy, as the only authentic way of the world salvation . Between the nearly 200 Romanian Orthodox churches in Europe and the USA, which were born in the years 1948- 1980 independent of the national church enslaved by atheism, the Orthodox Church in Baden prayed permanently with love for the salvation of all Romanians and the salvation of the National Church from its visible and invisible enemies.

The purpose of the Orthodox Church is the salvation and sanctification of Human Being through Christ sacrifice and Ressurection. The Descend of the Holy Spirit is the one that gives a real existence to the Church.

It is only the Holy Trinity that offers a complete unity of the Orthodox Church, in all its diversity. Therefore, it is very important to respect the Apostolic Canons and the Holy Tradition. An adaptation of these to the political or economic life, will only force a change of Jesus Christ - God the Man - after "the ruler of its world".


ON THE 40 YEARS ANNIVERSARY, here are some of the many messages received:


The Church and the Romanian Community in Geneva congratulate you on the 40 years of the existence of the Church in Baden, we remember with respect the sacrifice of the founders and we wish great success to those who today committed to continue this sacrifice / Prof. Archipriest Damian Ionescu, Parish of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Geneva-Patriarchate of Constantinople

The Church and the Romanian Community in Paris join the joy of celebrating 40 years of the existence of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Baden / Switzerland and wish you many accomplishments in the pastoral activity, with a great Blessing from God / Archpriest Valentin Bratan, Parish of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Paris - Patriarchate of Constantinople


We congratulate the Romanian Church of Baden which during 40 years brought testimony about the real orthodox way to serve and wish Father Valentin and all the Church to stay strong and confess the Christ as the only way of Salvation. Archipriest Prof. Dr. Dr. Mihai Valica, Parish of the Cathedral of Vatra Dornei/Romanian Patriarchate

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